About Mohit_FC

This blog is an extension of Mohit’s fan club on twitter, @Mohit_FC, managed by Anjali, Tulika and Shruti but in a real sense, run  by hundreds of devoted fans, who are its life and soul.

The idea behind this super interactive group of fans is to never let MOHIT RAINA forget that is he is so different from all others in his profession and the way he has inspired us is amazing and we can’t thank him enough!

A little bit about the administrators:

Anjali:  A manager by profession, Anjali lives in mumbai and enjoys life to the fullest. Moved by Mohit Raina’s amazing screen presence and perfect acting skills, she is the original founder of the twitter fan club called @Mohit_FC, which thrives today with more than 550 super interactive members.

Tulika: Tulika lives in Pune and works as a business analyst. Greatly inspired by Mohit Raina’s perfect depiction of her favorite deity, Mahadev, she enjoys managing his fan club on twitter and discussing his flawless performance. Along with Shruti, she writes articles occasionally on his work on TV sites.

Shruti: Shruti is a UK resident, whose day job is that of a lawyer. However, she really enjoys moonlighting as an admin for Mohit’s fan club and now also contributing to this blog. The common theme of course is Mr Raina, who has won over all hearts with not just his performances, particularly as Mahadev himself, but also with his charm and sweet nature.


18 comments on “About Mohit_FC

  1. We are not only fan of Mohit Raina but has become a great fan of you 3 ..Shruti,Tulika, Anjy.I don’t think any other FC is good as you three.We get the best articles, best comments and you guys has always been there as a pillar b/w us n MR.Through this fan club I found so many wonderful friends .For me I feel so blessed to be part of you guys and the one n only MOHIT RAINA.
    Mohit_FC ROCKS and u guys made that..LOVE YOU for everything.

  2. This msg is frm Abe – 10 yrs old brave girl
    ” Thank you all so much for all the blessings which I recd from all the FC through my aunt/godmother Aparna Thiyam.I won’t be here for long but I will always be part of my superhero FC ..I will always stay connected with Mohit uncle and all FC through my aunt.Love you always and please keep loving my Mohit Uncle, he is the best. luv Abe”

  3. all 3 of u hav done great job by doing dis FC actually in our locality ppl never use to watch hindi serials but once mahadev has started its been a housefull shows in our area!!! thats all because of Mohit n his flawless acting!!! so thanks again fr providing us an chance to share our thoughts abt d show on twitter !!!! hats off to u three buddies yar!!!
    gouthami karanth

  4. Thank you Anjali, Tulika and Shruti for making this wonderful Mohit_ FC and making the experience of being Mohit Raina’s fan so fantastic by keeping Mohit_ FC so alive, interactive and for enriching and enlightening us through your Awsome Articles and Arts. I enjoy being a part of this Amazing Mohit_FC as much as I enjoy watching DKDM, an Amazing Show.
    Mohit_FC is the best Fan club ever ! Congratulations to ATS for making Mohit_FC the most happening Fanclub through all your hardwork and efforts which will always be appreciated by us. Love to you all and to MR for being the inspiration for this awsome FC. Swarna 🙂

  5. A big congratulation to Shruti,Tulika, Anjy and the entire fan club. Thank you for all the support you guy gave us and helping in connecting with Mr. Raina.You guys are doing superb job..@Tulika n Shruti – My last whole week I spend reading your articles, extremely talented.Thanks to Mr. Raina for bringing all the people across the globes together, met wonderful people.
    I think the minute we’ll have our child..he/she will speak Mohit FC instead of mama/dad LOL..
    Thank you guys.
    Marinos Spinthakis n Entire fan frm Greece

  6. yasas, Shrtuti,Anjy,Tulika,

    we are friend of Marinos & Aparna,they are our translator of Mr. Mohit Raina’s show DKDM.We just can’t believe how creative you are and the kind of work you guys are doing for Mr. Raina hatsoff.We’ve not come across any fanclub who is good as MohitFC.We are proud to be part of FC n Mr. Raina through our best friends .We all wish you all the best and wish you guys always stays connected with Mr. Raina.

    Yana,Nicki,Georgina,George n John..Heraklio – Crete ( Greece )

  7. ATS hats off to U despite being soo busy in ur work U 3 always tries to intereact with Us I can proudly say That This is the only place where I share each and every feelings related wid DKDM and MR and after watching every episode I cm here to read all d tweets nd discussions jst for MR and dis amazing family I spent most of the time here on twitter!!! Thanks a ton for creating such an amazing FC and dis blog is jst superb!! Love u ATS :))-Sohini

  8. Hi Girls. Thank you so much for this superb fan club. I stay in Montreal Canada and I watch all the episodes od DKDM on internet. Actually I first got to know about this serial through a spiritual aspirant from India who just loves this serial. So it is thanks to him that I have discovered this gem of a serial. I tweeted to Mohit but till now no answer from him, I just hope to hear from him someday “Agar mahadev ne kripa barsayi to…. ” I just wrote something about his name and I hope he will like it.

    Keep up the good job and Mahadev ki kripa rahe hamesha aap logon ke saath.
    Divine love

  9. hello
    first i watched DKDM in telugu language Hara Hara Mahadev first 35 episodes.

    then we are addicted this serial.we search on internet we finally found the hindi version.DEVON KE DEV MAHADEV.
    We watched all episodes in within 10 days.
    that experience is amazing……………….
    aaaaaaaaaaaaand super…………I can’t tell in MY WORDS….

    i only tell one statement about him “MOHIT RAINA”

    “HE IS THE………………………………………….. BEST HANDSOME EXPRESSION ………………………….ACTOR ………………………..IN THE WORLD………….


  10. Dear Lord Shiva (Rohit Raina) I am loganathan, Your most fan. I Love your serial Deven Ke Maha Dev. I am from Tamilnadu. I love your acts. I feel some times cry. Because you are a really really look like lord Shiva. Thank You Shiva. People of Tamilnadu are really like you so much. Your eyes and foot are really look like purified. We feel Lord Shiva in front of us. Thank You so much and please continue your carrier in Shivam Serial., When risi Tathisi worshiped and touch your foot really i feel as worship of lord shiva. Thank you so much.

  11. ok.. first time i am actualy going through this blog! what an amazing army of loyal n devoted fans! n u 3 girls, the face of our emotions do so much for this FC besides being busy in ur own schedule! i guess thats d dedication u share wid our hero! i just loved this place. its like i m reading d stuff i want to read! none of my friend shares d same craziness fr MR as i do. so i was all alone constraining my emotions. but now no more! i hve got u.

  12. Hello before reading this blog i am just only friend of Mohit but right m also big fan of you all .shruti ,tulika, anjali all of you are from corporate job and have good post beside this you create this blog for mohit and all DKDMD fans . awesome it’s not gift for mohit and DKDMD group but also for shiv shankar …..keep update

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